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A Life in Tapestry is a traveling exhibition of the art and life story of Holocaust survivor Trudie Strobel.

Final Destination

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Russia 1942

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For many years tapestry artist Trudie Strobel could not speak about her personal history as a child prisoner of the Nazis. But, when Trudie began to depict those years in thread, she started to heal. While Trudie Strobel began stitching to tell the story of her survival, her experience as a child of the pogroms (Russia) and then the Nazis, she kept on stitching until she had created vast tapestries of the history of the Jewish people.

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Hearing Trudie’s stories and studying her artwork is the kind of profound learning experience—tangible, illustrated, personal-- that cannot be quantified. We believe that if people everywhere could share this experience, it will be a wake-up call to the disastrous effects of bigotry and exclusion that continue to plague our world today.



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